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Whether you’re renovating, extending, or building from the ground up, interior design is a key part of your custom home. It’s not just about the structure and stability of your home’s exterior, but also about how your custom home looks, feels, and functions on the inside. Rather than forgetting about this aspect of design until your home is built, we think it is important to enlist the help of an interior designer during the planning and building process, whether you’re doing a self-build or are enlisting professionals. Here are some of the main reasons why…

Avoid making mistakes and losing money

Building a custom home is not a cheap endeavor, so you want to try to save money wherever possible. You might decide to avoid hiring an interior designer in order to do this, but you could end up out of pocket in the end. If you don’t have experience with interior design, then you might find yourself making some costly mistakes with the design or implementation of it. Hiring a designer may be more money up front, but it can also help you avoid making any costly mistakes, or ones that will leave you uncomfortable or unhappy in your home.

Visualize your home

Based on your ideas, tastes, and guidelines, a professional interior designer can present you with sketches and even computer-aided designs of what your future home could look like. This is a great way to really fine-tune everything to your needs and ensure that you’re getting exactly what you want in a home. Seeing your ideas presented in this way may also reveal flaws or room for improvement in your designs.

Build a home that’s functional and stylish

Interior designers aren’t all style and no function. They consider the whole picture to ensure that your home is functional, comfortable, and stylish. With a designer working in conjunction with an architect, the whole house, exteriors and interiors, can be built with each other in mind. This will prevent issues further down the line, when you realize your kitchen isn’t the right shape or size for all the appliances you want installing, for example.

It is best to involve an interior designer as early on as possible in your project to get a result you’ll be happy with for a long time. If you need help designing or building your custom home, inside and out, then contact us at Lael Building Group for homes around Winston-Salem, Clemmons, Lewisville, and Advance, NC.

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